Pasteurellaceae is a bacterial family

member of order Pasteurellales, class Gammaproteobacteria

Members of Pasteurellaceae are specialized commensals or parasites of vertebrates
Pasteurellaceae was first published in the PhD thesis of Sabine Pohl in 1979 and became valid published in 1981

All genera and species

34 genera and 105 species

Most important species

for disease in humans and animals


First held in August 1980  in Copenhagen 


Whole genomic sequencing, serotype predictions and MLST

Research Projects

Open for master and PhD level projects


Type strains, one strain species, Nagoya

ICSP subcommitee on Pasteurellaceae

Members and taxa covered. 


Mainly taxonomomy

Bergey's manual

Overview of how member's of Pasteurellaceae are covered in the manual and have been since 1st ed. 


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